TRE™ Tension Release Exercises

What is TRE™ ?

By doing some simple exercises, a therapeutic tremor is activated which helps release stress, tension and trauma that is stored in the deeper muscle tissues. It’s a natural way of the body to let go of muscle tension, calming down the nervous system.This way your body can return back to a state of balance.

Dr. David Bercelli who has worked with large traumatised communities in Africa and the middle east developed these sets of exercises out of which TRE® has emerged.

Why TRE™?

  1. It’s simple
  2. You don’t have to discuss or reveal your issues
  3. Your body gets the attention it deserves
  4. Emotional issues can clear away subconsciously
  5. After only a couple of guided sessions with a certified practitioner you can do it on your own

Who Can Benefit from TRE™ ?

If you are a Mom, dad, kid, student, athlete, in short someone who’d like to release stress of everyday life this could be a great technique for you!

Furthermore, if you are a soldier who suffers from PTSD, or you have experienced trauma in your life this could be a great way to release effortlessly. You won’t have to talk about or discuss your issues.


This is how I describe TRE™:

Each Tremor brings you closer to who you really are!

You can join a group or do personal sessions.

All over the world TRE™ is becoming more and more popular as a simple yet profound stress release technique!

Reported benefits include:

  1. Less worry & anxiety
  2. Better sleep
  3. More Energy & Endurance
  4. Improved Marital Relationships
  5. Less Workplace Stress
  6. Reduces Symptoms of PTSD
  7. Reduced Muscle & Back Pain
  8. Increased Flexibility
  9. Healing of Old Injuries