About Crackerfarm

 I have been working professionally in the photo business since 2001. I graduated from NYC’s School Of  Visual Arts’ photography program in 2004. Since then, I have worked for a variety of musicians, labels, clothing brands, corporations, non-profits and individuals in the genera of lifestyle portraiture. In 2005 I met the Avett Brothers when they hired me to do a photo shoot for them. I have since been on tour with them; I serve as their main photographer, documentarian and archivist.  When the DLSR hit the market, I started shooting a variety of video content, mainly single shot takes of artists performing songs, but sometimes more narrative music videos and documentary segments.  

 My approach to photography is simple, minimally produced and photojournalistic in a way. I identify strongly with the aesthetic of this approach and believe in exhibiting the subject in whatever context they present to camera. I try to see people for who they are but document the persona they chose to live. That said, I have absolutely no problem interpreting and executing a client’s vision for their artist or product with the same kind of simplicity and honesty.